As the only sector with healing as its mission, health care has an opportunity to use its ethical, economic, and political influence to be a leader in climate solutions.

By moving toward climate-smart health care, the health sector can mitigate its own climate impact, save money, and lead by example. By becoming more resilient, health care can help prepare their own facilities and their communities for the growing impacts of climate change. And by providing societal leadership, the health sector can help forge a vision of a future with healthy hospitals and healthy people living on a healthy planet.

The challenge is based on three pillars:

Mitigation – Reduce health care’s own carbon footprint.
Resilience – Prepare for the impacts of extreme weather and the shifting burden of disease.
Leadership – Educate staff and the public about climate and health and promote policies to protect public health from climate change.

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The Health Care Climate Challenge has over 300 participants, representing the interests of more than 22,000 hospitals and health centers in 34 countries. The challenge is supported by Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and Practice Greenhealth.

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